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Have you given much thought, if you are a BRAND of your own, WHICH brand would YOU be ?Do you need a product to brand yourself ? Yes, No ?


In fact is, YOU are ….YOUR OWN BRAND!!

Ask yourself today,
“IF i were to be a BRAND, a successful brand of my own, who would I like to be?” and “Why” ?

“If you were a CAR , which type of CAR would you like to represent?”


Think of your own BRAND VALUES. Review your past and present achievement , and think of positive words that describe how well you have done. Select 3 words that best describe your strength.

I am
Approachable | Artistic | Articulate | Confident | Creative | Dedicated | Driven | Energetic | Ethical | Fun | Friendly | Generous | Helpful | Innovative | Mature | Persuasive | Professional | Responsible | Reliable | Supportive | Thoughtful |

and the list goes on…but ,
From the scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best).. ask yourself..

Are you there today? If no, why not ? What have you done and plan to do to achieve these brand values ? Remember, this is YOUR BRAND. It reflects back to the FIRST IMPRESSION of people towards you.

“I don’t have a second chance with FIRST IMPRESSION. Once people form a certain impression of me that i do not intend to project, it results in MISSED OPPORTUNITIES!”

Could be a job promotion, business opportunities???
At Top2ToeStyliesta, we trained people like you to empower your personal branding by mastering your FIRST IMPRESSION.

A mini seminar on “Mastering the Art & Science of First Impression” will be announce soon. Wanting to know how many would be interested to join me for the classes. Half day seminar to be held at KL/Putrajaya.  

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