Note that, ‘as an individual we are being judged and analyse based on our appearance, behaviour and communication, within 2 SPLIT SECONDS!’ Question is, how do you consistently maintain your positive appearance within that 2seconds and portray your best possible image to gain other’s trust on your skills, or product or services?


Our visual appearance is so IMPORTANT that , when the first 2 seconds they meet you, you will be analyse based on your financial status, your credibility, your ability to do the job, whether you could be trusted, whether you are confidence enough , your character, integrity and others to name a few.


Personal Impact is a skill that complements your qualifications and credentials and supports your career. We will teach you how to identify and delete career-limiting dress habits and replace them with information, skills and strategies which will empower and add weight to your professional & personal messages. 

Our clients will enjoy increased confidence and high visual credibility plus all the benefits which stream from these: improved performance, enhanced bottom line, greater contribution to the society and a healthy sense of self.

We will cover all the best business & personal colours. Colour is one of your visual messages, used every minute of every day in your professional and personal life. Do your colour choices complement and support your image?

To the organisation, we customise the programs according to your industry, and your specific characteristics, vision, and brand. 

 Topics Covered in Group Consultations

1. Corporate Image Excellence

– Psychological power of Colour in Business
– How to present a powerful and lasting first impression.
– Professional Image management
– The Importance of Grooming & Personal Hygiene

2. Frontliners Service Transformation

3. Business Etiquette and Social Skills

Topics Covered for Individual Consultations

 – Personal Color Analysis

– Personal Wardrobe Analysis
– Style Personality Analysis

– Body & Face Shapes Analysis
– Hijab Styling & Accessorizing
– Personal Shoppers Services

– Personal Makeover
– Skin care and makeup class

All programmes have impact, are innovative, fun and encourage participants to be actively involved. 

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