Are you Warm or Cool ?
Are you Warm or Cool ?

You always have the thought… you can’t wear PINK? RED? GREEN? BROWN Or even WHITE? Choosing the right color is always a challenge? Your closet is seems to be full with colors, great designers, superb design and statements, tailor made, but only 20% of it is being utilized? To the bff, sisters, cousins and charity centre it will be then..Hmm, sounds so true?

This is where, finding your season is crucial. At Top2ToeStyliesta, we are trained by the top Image Masters and help our clients unlock these secrets and create a brand new YOU. Through our Color Analysis session, you will be analyzed using our color drapes to check if you falls as a warm or cool person. Seasonal Color Analysis will guide you whether you are a Winter, Autumn, Summer or Spring. To my fellow Malaysian, these terms would probably new to you, and some will find it challenge to grasp. Worry not! For each individual coaching, you will be given a sample of color swatches that will come in handy for shopping your best colors, plus online shopping too. No more hassle, its our promise!!

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