How To Wear : Tea Length Skirts

How to Wear Tea Length Skirts
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Yes, you got it right, it is MIDI skirts!

The Formal Definition

  • According to the Oxford Dictionary, a tea-length dress is one whose hemline falls “above the ankle and below the knee.” Originally, the tea hem fell just above the ankle, but the modern tea-length dress is more likely to hit 3 to 4 inches above the ankle, in the mid-calf region. The tea-length hem can be contrasted with the cocktail dress, whose hem usually falls somewhere mid-thigh to just above the knee.

As always, fashion has repeated itself and the midi or the tea-length skirt is the must-have piece for 2014!

Unfortunately, these trendy skirts are not the easiest things to wear. I’m sure many of you have noticed this…. Wear one that’s too short and you look squat. Wear one that’s too long and you look like a bag lady. Fortunately, I’ve put together a few foolproof tips to help you master the midi:

  • Consider your height. If you are petite (<5’3″) stick to a skirt that hits just above or below the knee. For taller ladies, any length will do so long as it doesn’t go below your ankles (otherwise you will be in maxi territory)
  • Length is everything! You can totally ruin the midi look if your skirt is just 2 inches too long or too short. Ideally, you want a midi to hit mid shin, where you leg begins to thin out. If a skirt hits at the thicker part of you leg, it will make you look stocky. If need be, get it hemmed to an appropriate length. Trips to the tailor are always worth it!
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  • Perfect pairings. If you wear a bold color midi, temper it with a neutral blouse. As for pleated or fuller options, keep the top simple. Best to wear  midis with a button down blouse, a knotted crewneck sweater, or a closer fitting top. Crop top is in trend!
  • Understand your Body Proportion well. Wearing midis, would ‘cut’ your body into 3 portions (the top,skirt and your bare legs), hence ‘shorten’ your look. Nude heels (picture below) are a great shoe for the shorter ladies out there as it helps to ‘elongate’ your legs (not much, but still ok!) . Those who has attended my “Personal Image Coaching” program, would have access to this design principles and goals ..
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  • Body Shapes. Many failed to master this. Learn your body shape and type to bring out the best of your style and look ! I would personally recommend tea length skirts, if you have an hourglass , ruler or rectangle and inverted triangle shapes…Seek style advise from your certified image consultant or a fashion stylist.
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