Hijab Styling : A Commercial Photo shoot with Kenanga Wholesale City (KWC)

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It was such a thrilled and with great honour to be invited by the famous Malaysian Fashion Stylist, Calvin Cheong to create 5 hijab styling and Muslimah looks for Kenanga Wholesale City Fashion Mall (the biggest and first fashion wholesale mall in Kuala Lumpur) commercial photo shoots last Monday.

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The concepts was basically to have our model in 5 different Muslimah looks while ‘shopping’ at the mall.

Pre-shopping were made the day before (with Calvin himself) and gosh! it took us almost 6 hours to complete the 5-7 looks ( we took extras in case last min changes). Our main challenge was to source out for the dresses and props in such a HUGE place ! phewww… 😀

The tasks given to Top2ToeStyliesta as #hijabstylist covered everything from choosing the best fashion & styles, matched with the right color shawls, props with handbags and shoes, plus accessories too!

Since we are required to come out with 5 different Muslimah looks, eventually we had the most ‘dramatic’ and bold modern jubah as the main ‘character’, ‘urban and chic’ shopper, lady in ‘working attire’, stylish turbanista in kebaya ,  sweet and modest muslimah in tunic chiffon blouse and mermaid skirt.

Meet Moniki from Brazil..

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Our model for the day…

Which then, i turned her look into ..

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Okay, well…yeah, she’s tall (obviously!) haha..

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.19.33 PMPretty, isn’t she??

We had so much fun at the photo shoots, trying to get the best shots ..

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The principles or elements to create the styles for Monik was simply focused on

1. Her 5 characters and fashion/styles to fit in

2. Her body figure and height (since she’s not a Malaysian, we figure out she needs an outfit that is long enough)

3. Style story – what’s her style story and how to create a good combination for both dress and her shawls. The color plays a major role here.

4. The dress /outfit must be simple and not too cluttered as she needs to be ‘seen’ shopping at the malls with lots of stuff around.

5. Props – with shoes, handbags , and simple accessories to add to the ‘scene’.

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Monik had been so supportive and professional … #thegirlinhijab

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Then i changed her into a turbanista in modern kebaya ..

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The last look we had for the day… yeayy, finally!!!

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Me, as the Stylist and Image Consultant


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