Introducing IITTI to the Business Image and Etiquette programs in Malaysia!

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Setting The Global Standard for Professional Image and Etiquette

Top2ToeStyliesta Image Consulting is proudly to introduce the Institute Image Training and Testing International – (IITTI pronounced as “ET“) to our Business Image & Etiquette programs in Malaysia!

IITTI – a non-profit, open-source, educational organization formed by seasoned, certified image and etiquette consultants from the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI); the world’s largest professional body of personal and corporate image consultants and was formed due to a recognized need for standardized business etiquette guidelines.

IITTI offers a standardized testing and certification structure that image, etiquette and civility trainers can use as an independent assessment tool with their clients. Employers today can utilize this examination as a measure to determine knowledge and understanding of business etiquette standards, and the personal grooming practices of their personnel or job applicants.

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IITTI certification systems enhance your personal & professional branding!

IITTI is a business etiquette certification exam system and it conforms to the highest international standards of business image and business/social etiquette in North America and Europe. The corporate image certification is designed specifically for business use.

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The certification system consists of three exam levels which include a written and/or practicum component. For each level, exam candidates must pass all its components in order to earn an IITTI certificate for that level.

The IITTI exam is designed by a group of world-renowned image and etiquette consulting authorities, and education experts specializing in curriculum development and assessment design. The test is designed for corporate application and focuses on corporate etiquette. As such, it would be suitable for any corporate environment where the employer is eager to improve the quality of their organization’s brand and professional image, internationally.

Who Benefits Most from this Certification?


Anyone who works in an organization that requires strong interpersonal skills and is needed to deal with people in a professional manner. For example, marketing managers, PR representatives, accountants, engineers, architects, lawyers, systems analysts, company board of directors, CEOs, VPs, executive assistants, secretaries, receptionists, special events coordinators, corporate trainers, hotel managers, etc.

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Any organization whose staff members interact with clients, vendors or the public. For example, telcos, banks, hotels, government, insurance companies, trading companies, travel agencies, tour companies, IT companies, advertising agencies, etc.


It was reported in late 2013, that a huge number of 434, 100 graduates or 3.3% of total Malaysian labour that are JOBLESS. Should the post graduate students or job seekers equipped themselves with the knowledge in Image Management & Etiquette prior to entering the workforce , the numbers could have been reduced – today!

Remember : Don’t believe that you can just pick up an etiquette book to learn and pass the IITTI test. Good manners and personal grooming require practice over a long period of time. You should find a reputable image consulting school who has training classes specifically for the IITTI test. They can help you practice in an appropriate environment and reinforce many of the concepts for good decorum.

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How Could We , the Image Consultants Contribute To You?

As an internationally certified and accredited Professional Image & Color Consultant by the world renowned London Image Institute, cum the Associate member to IITTI ; who aspires to educate every individual and organization by creating an awareness on the importance of your total image and business etiquette,  we realised that currently in Malaysia there are no standards for companies or higher learning institutes to effectively measure soft skills in the area of personal appearance, social etiquette and civil communication for admitting new hires, student applicants or even the employees.

With the standardise tests and certification structure developed by IITTI , it brings to a whole new level in recognising the right candidates for your organisations and reward the employees accordingly!


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