The “Kate Middleton Effect” – 7 Strategies that You could Start Implement today, right now!

I love Kate Middleton. And I somehow love this topic. I know this can be viral and it seems , true enough! No, i don’t expect it to be trending, but like everyone else (YOU too, i believed!) love to know what’s next for the Duchess of Cambridge.

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The article published on 15th November for the topic “7 Habits You Should Steal from Kate Middleton that Will Transform Your Life” has become most ‘hot topic’ where i received about 50 views by 11 countries worldwide (UK, US, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France, Denmark, Thailand, South Africa, India) in just 1 day. Congratulations! Awesome everyone!

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Best part is , the topic still hit the ‘hot button’ till last night, reported at 11.55pm, Sunday Nov 17 – with 35 views although this topic was posted last 3 days.

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What does this mean?

It’s Kate Effect. Everyone loves her. You wanna know this 7 Habits that will help to transform your life! That’s it!


Just because she is Duchess of Cambridge? And you ain’t no one to compare?

NO. You don’t have to be a Princess, or Socialites, or Datin Seri/Datin nor an artist to become one.

That i could assure you.

Hence, What are the 7 Strategies that You could start implement today, right now??!!


As an Image & Colour Consultant – I trust Kate does have her own stylist to help her out with the wardrobe. True. But that’s not a reason to not looking stylish like her.

What’s her secret?


Learn what COLOUR LOOK BEST ON YOU. Identify your season – warm or cool ?

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COOL – You could be either a Winter or Summer

WARM– You could be either an Autumn or Spring


Know your STYLE PERSONALITY  well.

Style Personality can be Dramatic, Romantic, Casual/Sporty,

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Classic Elegant, Classic Traditional, Sexy/Alluring

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Duchess of Cambridge fits to both Classic Elegant and Classic Traditional and she done it really well.

Remember, don’t be a Fashion Victim

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YES, you get more attention, but women with style tend to get more RESPECT.

Top2ToeStyliesta will issue an article on “Fashion Victim Formula” soon – look out for more updates from us!


Posture. YES. Maintain a good posture will help you to look confident because good posture is synonymous with poise and elegance – moreover it does leads to good health and good look!

Read the article “Want to Feel, Look Better? Improve Your Posture”

by CBN News – Health & Science

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Know your body types and body shapes !

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A smart shopper will not buy clothes on impulse but instead she knows what’s best for her body type and shapes. Your body shape determines which clothes look best on you, so that’s where you have to start. Find the clothes that flatter your figure and wear them. Add trends if they suit your style.


Polish yourself with simple makeup, and maintain personal hygiene

A recent report by WGSN, a London-based fashion news service, revealed something that image consultants have known for years: that wearing makeup increases a woman’s chance of getting a job more than the usual criteria of a strong resume, obvious intelligence, and a pleasing personality.

In fact, the article, based on survey results from 100 UK companies, reported that:

“One in four managers admitted they were more likely to hire a woman who wore makeup than one who did not, despite political correctness and the multitude of laws against workplace discrimination and equal job opportunities.”

If you are always in a rush, and prefer to have your makeup done in 5mins, here’s how

1. Use a tinted Moisturizer

There are several moisturizers on the market that tint your skin a bit and even out your skin tone, like a base makeup, without the additional layer. In fact, in warm climates and during warm weather, many women opt for tinted moisturizers instead of base makeup to give them the evenness without the heaviness.

My Favourite? 

Tinted Moisturizer spf 20 AND Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier

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2. Use a Touch of Mascara

Mascara is a fast, easy way to open up the eyes and brighten the face. Many women I know use only mascara before they head out the door every morning. It was reported that Duchess of Cambridge used this Revitalash Mascara (not available in Malaysia) on her wedding day ..

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3. Dust on Some Loose Powder

If your skin is clear but tends to get a bit shiny, dust on some loose powder to absorb the oil and diminish the shine.

4. Wear Lipstick

 If you have nice lips and want high impact, try a dark color that works nicely with your skin tone. People will watch your mouth when you speak.

Watch finding your “Best Red Lipstick for your Skin Tone” YouTube video here



Groom Your Etiquette & Social Skills

Learn this hidden value and priceless potential –  and how they can make a difference to your business today. From handshakes, introductions, and presenting a business card, to body language, gestures and the impact of words, you will learn the immeasurable value of image and etiquette in business. An etiquette session will transform you to become a skilled professional hence promoting your company and your brand with precision and style.

Learn from your local Etiquette Consultant and transform your life today!

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Communication is no doubt a complete package to your PERSONAL IMAGE.

It could be verbal or non verbal communication and it makes tremendous impact to your personal branding if you know how to present it well.

Start with creating your first Elevator Speech (20seconds) and present it to your family members, practise and practise how to say it well and confident.

Because, remember, the first encounter when you meet someone at a dinner or party or seminar, you will be asked , “WHAT DO YOU DO?” 

Then, you start scratching your head or searching for words to explain… sounds familiar?

* More on “Elevator Speech How To..” in our next articles…

Then comes, learning the art of Body Language – your hand gestures, smiling, sitting position while interview and negotiation meeting with client etc

Reading body language

A research was held at the University of Pennsylvania to determine to what extent a person’s body language can affect the impression people form of him. The shocking result the research came up with is that body language was found to be more responsible for the impression people form of you than your words.

The following are the detailed findings they came up with:

  • 55 percent of the impression people form of you is based on your postures , body movements and gestures
  • 38 percent was based on the tone of your voice (tempo and frequency).
  • Only 7 percent was based on what you say.

This means that a total of 93 percent of the impression people form of you is determined by your body language (which includes both Body gestures and voice tone) while only 7 percent is based on the words you say.

In other words this means that if you learned how to read body language you will be able to interpret people’s emotions with a 93% accuracy


Wow! There you go, 7 Strategies that you could actually start to implement today, right now! No, it doesn’t need you to be filthy rich and famous to be like one. The information and knowledge made available is beyond your limit. FREE. Google it and there u GO, learn and learn.

At Top2ToeStyliesta, and as the Professional Image & Colour Consultant , awarded by London Image Institute, we are committed to give you the best knowledge we can and help you to transform and add more value to both your personal and professional development and presence.

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We hope you enjoy every bits of the knowledge.

Good Luck!