Blue vs Brown Eyes : What Do your Eyes say about You?

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Have you ever wondered what your eyes say about you? Well apparently, the “Brown Eyed Girls” out there have been deemed more trustworthy than those with blue eyes, according to a new study published by Charles University in the Czech Republic.


The study tells us that participants looked at faces of women and men and were asked to “rate their trustworthiness” only by looking at their eyes and face shape. Many felt those with brown eyes to be more trustworthy than those with blue, but eye color might not be the defining factor.

For men, it mostly came down to face shape: participants said they would trust men with round faces and large mouths more than they would trust men with narrow faces. For women, the shape of their faces did not affect the results the way it had for males. Interestingly, when shown identical male faces with different colored eyes in a separate study, participants expressed they would trust the men equally.

Below are some of our favourite Hollywood faces with blue and brown eyes :

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Brown Eyes

Jessica Alba’s brown eyes helped gain our trust when she played a superhero in Fantastic Four.

Beyonce’s brown eyes assure us that she truly does love all the Single Ladies.

Blue Eyes

We refuse to believe that Taylor Swift could possibly be untrustworthy when every song she writes resonates so easily in hearts everywhere!

Miley Cyrus got her start on the Disney channel, so we know her blue-eyed debut on Hannah Montanna was one of innocence!

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Brown Eyes

Orlando Bloom may have played a blacksmith-turned-pirate in Pirates of the Carribbean, but we never doubted his goodness. Could it have been the color of his eyes?

 Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds has opposite coloured eyes of his lady, Blake Lively but we know this happy couple trusts one another!

Blue Eyes

Brad Pitt usually plays a trustworthy leading man. Surely he wouldn’t get those parts if the same weren’t true in real life!

Heartthrob Bradley Cooper’s eyes certainly don’t hold him back from playing a variety of parts: from The Hangover to Silver Linings Playbook!


The conclusion was that facial features associated with brown eyes are what makes someone appear more trustworthy.

So the questions remain: why are men judged more on the shape of their face, while women are judged more on their eye colour? And what is it about face shape or eye colour that makes someone trust or not trust you? Those answers are yet to come, but for now we are intrigued to take a look at some of our favourite blue and brown-eyed celebs, with a variety of face shapes, and see what you think.


This article by  keep us wondering if the study (done by Charles University in the Czech Republic researchers) could also affect those who chose to either wear blue or brown coloured contact lenses! hmmm… coincidence? yes, maybe? maybe not?