Men’s Style Advice : My Favourite Excuse for Not Dressing Sharp!

Guys, no more excuses to not dress sharp

Think about this…
Who you wanna be ?
Envision yourself as someone who is

> A successful business owner
> Well respected person in your industry
> Most sought after CEO/MD in the city
> A famous blogger

You will meet PEOPLE in your life, no matter what you do. Every encounter will form a perceptions and judgements , and how people perceived on you.

The first 7 seconds, would give them an impression of YOU, the one who is :-
> Smart looking guy
> Confident
> Know his stuff (you know your product well!)
> Educated
> Trustworthy…..

ALL the above reflected = POSITIVE IMPRESSION!

What happens when, the first encounter, they perceived you as, someone who is :-
> Sloppy
> Indecisive
> Poor hygiene
> Un-educated
> Con man
> Know nothing about your product!


You are responsible in people’s perception on you & your image.
You can and have the ability to change people’s perception on you by dressing sharp, TODAY!

Good Luck!