Top2ToeStyliesta mentioned in Fatin Suhana blog!


You all pasti kenal  gadis genit ni. Cik Wan Fatin Suhana, comel kan?

Saya mula mengenali si cantik Blogger Fatin Suhana ni melalui laman YouTube beberapa tahun lepas, when she started to posts her video on wearing hijab (her way) and some makeup tutorial gitu..

At that point of time, saya sendiri pun suka tengok Fatin. She’s not only cute, but she’s talented, and well ..she’s photogenic too, so yeahhh, all in a package!!

I have always love to see her in the magazines, Hijabista, Nur , her instagrams…semua cantik-cantik! And also a reason why she has thousands of followers , all started with a humble beginnings…and she made it her way. Congrats dear!


Alhamdulillah, thanks to Fatin, Top2ToeStyliesta was mentioned in her blog lately and also a kind of awareness on the existence of our brand and what we do as an Image Consultant. Truly I could say that, being an Image Consultant is a challenging job, but exciting as you will meet all kinds of people out there, and you are responsible to make them look good, technically using the Image terms and techniques that are alien to many.  And worst, Image is not Fashion. While people nowadays are crazy about what is in trends , neglecting the guidelines of what should they avoid, and what should they wear instead – it was all a chaos!

Generally, i can’t blame the media (locally or internationally), because they need to sell their articles. And making profit , of course! However, it was quite a bad move as many nowadays are seems to be lost in their own identity – to be exact, fashion victims. Yes, you can be fashionable darling (no one would ever stops you), but you must know

1. What are the messages you would want to portray – by wearing this dress/outfit… HOW would you like to be perceived? (someone very confident? approachable? trustworthy?) OR the opposite (sexy? alluring? to attract the opposite sex?)

2. Is it consistent with your resume ? Say if you are an engineer, why would you wear something Gaga look alike.. And if you are a HR Manager, we don’t expect you to wear Siti Nurhaliza’s either (when she dressed to her concert)

3. Your Style Personality  – are you a Romantic, Natural/Sporty, Dramatic, Classic Elegant/Traditional – and  STREET STYLE? This is just a fashion trends, not a style – which truly can lasts between 2-4 years.

Question is : How does ‘fashion‘ apply to YOU?

There are two extremes in people who wear fashions. On one end is the person who wears and seeks every trend available. This person is called a “fashion victim,” as he does not have a sustainable style because the trends change so often. On the other end of the spectrum is a person who doesn’t care about what is in fashion and wears clothes that are dated. This person presents himself in a way that does not fit into what society dictates. Most people fall in between these two extremes. The best way to keep up with the ever-changing fashions is to choose the trends that most appeal to you and your style and mix them with classic pieces to maintain a longer-lasting wardrobe.

4. What are your VALUES, VISIONS, GOALS and SKILLS?

Earlier this week, i saw this picture from site , and it says


Honestly, i was quite impressed with her so called ‘traditional value’ here.  In general, people will project their value, through their APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOUR and COMMUNICATION  (verbal or non-verbal body language) – they way they speak , how they say it, and what are the words they choose. Ellen by the way, is not my idol, but i do respect her ‘VALUE’ which she claimed in the picture above.

Having said that…

In 3 buzz words, what would be your VALUES in life?

How would you represents your image – consistent with your VALUES?

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 8.08.55 AM