Color Analysis – The Importance of Wearing Your Best Colour!!


Did you know that by wearing the right colours, you will look healthier, more vibrant and years younger?  You can achieve an instant face lift without any dangerous and expensive surgery!  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

The colours that you wear closest to your face are the most important.

When choosing clothes that will look good, you want to choose colours that match your own skin tone, hair and eyes to create an overall effect of harmony.

We can all wear about 25% of the world’s colours but it is the shade and tone that is so important to get right.

The power of discovering our best colours is so exciting!  You can brighten up your life as well as those friends and colleagues around you.

You will also gain confidence in the way you dress as you become more adventurous with colour.  This will reflect on how people see you and how you deal with other people both at home and at work.

How do you begin to understand the best colours for you?  There are 3 primary pigments that make up your skin tone:

 Melanin (brown tones)

Carotene (yellow or ‘warm’ tones)and

Haemoglobin (pink or ‘cool’ tones)

The degree of contrast between your skin, hair and eyes should be reflected in the degree of contrast in your clothes – either light, muted, dark or bright tones.

For work, wearing the right colours can help you to be taken seriously – whatever the role.  However, all is not lost because if you are obliged to wear a certain colour for work such as a black suit or uniform – then you may be able to enhance your appearance by a few subtle ‘tweaks’ – for example, by the use of accessories.  This also will help to project your own personality.


As you get older your hair colour and skin tone will alter – so be aware that the shades and tones you could wear when you were younger may not suit you so well.

Pause for Thought:

Black may be slimming but it can be very ageing too – there are plenty of other more interesting darker colours that may suit you better.  Have you thought about changing to maybe navy blue, brown, mahogany or green?


Discovering your best colours will actually save you time and money when shopping!!

Even when shopping online, you are now much confident in getting your actual ‘colours’ when we supply you with our Color Swatches inclusive! These Colour Swatches are imported from Australia and best, your purchase can be used for many years!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 4.39.13 PM

A colour analysis consultation with Top2ToeStyliesta Image Consulting will help you to understand the colours, shades and tones that complement your natural colouring – making you feel more self assured and able to project the right image whatever the occasion.

During the colour analysis session, Top2ToeStyliesta consultant will demonstrate the importance of harmony between your skin tone, hair colour, make-up and the colours you wear.

Important : to obtain accurate result, we would require our clients to remove any make-up, accessories , contact lenses , expensive jewelleries & watches before the session.

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Top2ToeStyliesta colour analysis consultation breaks into the following areas:

– Client Assessment Survey

Identify your Skin Temperature / Undertone (Cool or Warm)

– Value of your colouring (Light / Medium / Dark) and Value contrast (High/Medium/Low)

-Intensity or brightness of your personal colouring (Bright or Soft)

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Using a selection of colour drapes , we will show you what colours are most suited to you and how to co-ordinate and combine colours to make the most of your wardrobe. You will receive a personalised colour swatches containing your most flattering colours which is yours to keep for future shopping trips – ensuring you keep to the right shades and tones to create a versatile and complementary wardrobe.

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AT TOP2TOESTYLIESTAScreen Shot 2013-11-11 at 5.56.34 PM

We help you to achieve that DREAMS!


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Top2ToeStyliesta Colour Analysis session can be combined with a Style Personality analysis, Body & Face Shapes analysis , Hijab styling and accessorising  either after the colour analysis or at suitable interval. If you are interested in receiving a more in-depth skin care and makeup consultation , we would be happy to book this after your colour analysis as part of our follow up service as well.

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