What Does Your Perfume Tells About You…

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Every person has her own distinctive scent, which guides us in finding the other half and make a certain impression on people. And, of course, the perfume of choice can also tell volumes about our personality, character, and preferences. Check out this fun test to find out what message your favourite perfume sends to other people!

Oriental fragrance

Main notes: tonka, black pepper, ambergris, nutmeg and vanilla.

This scent is characteristic of conservative people. They enjoy solitude. May engage in collecting art. These people look stunning, prefer elegant style and like intelligent people, are usually quite educated.

Fruity fragrance

Main notes: peach, black currant, raspberry.

Fruity perfume is usually a prerogative of extravagant people, who like noisy parties. They are unpredictable, but very reliable, friendly, and work well in a team.

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Citrus fragrance

Main notes: citrus, bergamot.

‘Citrus’ people possess outstanding organization skills and amazing self-discipline. This scent is characteristic of perfectionists, who plan ahead their day, month, year, their whole life even to the smallest details.

Woody fragrance

Main notes: sandal wood, cedar.

Fans of woody fragrances are reserved and elegant. They appreciate traditions, like reading and strive for knowledge. Careful in actions and words, they never get lost in complicated situations.

Floral fragrance

Main notes: freesia, jasmine, lily, gardenia

People who prefer floral notes are usually pleasant, sociable and easy-going. Very reliable friends.

Green fragrance

Main notes: moss, morning dew, leaves, hay.

People wearing green fragrances are into sports and physical activities. They love spending their weekends mowing the lawn or planting flowers. Green scent suits perfectly the personality of its owner.