Corporate Image Training with Media Prima


Top2ToeStyliesta was blessed to be invited by Ms Jade of Beyond Image Consultancy to be part of their training with Media Prima Berhad today at Anjung Riong, Balai Berita, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Basically i was there to provide my expertise and consultation on Professional Hijab Styling and Makeup Tutorial (office wear and advance makeup techniques) to the participants.

We received many senior participants like Zakiah Anas, Azizah Ariffin and Norzie Pak Wan Chik who are known as tv hosts, newscaster, for Majalah 3, Wanita Hari Ini and 999 from TV3.

Honestly, when i first met the participants, i was really in shocked to know that majority of the staff dressed casually to the office. And some was really underdressed, not overdressed ..haha!

Wow. Okay! I must quickly adapt to this.. although i find it quite unacceptable at first.


I have been in the business or corporate world for 17 over years. From the airlines, IT houses,MNCs and GLCs, i have never seen such scenarios. I mean , okay, they don’t even have a ‘dress code’ ? You could wear what you want? Oh wow ..(again!)

As an Image Consultant, i find it was quite a challenge program to have this mindset of being a professional , in their industry.

No. 1 – because, they are allowed to wear anything they would want to.

Drawback here – anything you would want to means, that – wears anything that you feel comfortable! If this is the case, it is quite impossible for the staff to achieve the ‘Authority’ look hence to gain trust, confidence, respect , get buy ins from their clients, supervisors, is very very low! There’s always a psychological effect on the way you dressed, hun! That includes, the colour, material , design, proportions, scale etc. Yes, it was not just about , wearing what you want, feel good about it, and here you GO.

But anyway, we were glad that the organisation took this small steps to introduce Image Training to their staff, hence (cross fingers) , the participants would find it useful and use the knowledge as a guidelines to dress smarter, comfortable with their own personality, and start using their colors (warm or cool) starting tomorrow (y).

Wishing all the best to Media Prima team! xoxo