Majlis Suai Kenal Ahli-Ahli baru dan AJK PENIAGAWATI


Alhamdulillah, Top2ToeStyliesta sangat-sangat terharu dan teruja bila dapat jemputan dari pihak Peniagawati ke Majlis Suai Kenal ahli-ahli baru dan AJK di KL semalam!

Networking session ni sangat penting kerana ia membantu entrepreneurs like us, to brand our names and positioning, betul tak ? Anyway, we met many great business women out there yang mana rata-rata very successful in their own way.

It was a great opportunity for us to mingle around successful people, also in helping us to learn from the best.

This month aje, Top2ToeStyliesta dah pergi bermacam-macam networking session. Dari mulanya 1MetEntrepreneur organized by Ministry of Finance, then we had this Konvensyen Inspirasi Usahawan by IKIM Radio, followed with Association Image Consultant International Education Conference 2013, then yeah, yesterday with PENIAGAWATI for the Majlis Suai Kenal. Hush…penat! But fun, though!

So, yeah, how about you? What do you do to market your brand? Is networking part of your branding strategy?

Tell us, we would like to hear from you!