Style Personality : Classic Elegant



Today, we are learning some bits on your style personality – Classic Elegant

A Classic Elegant Style Personality individual would values their status and refinement of the every details. Very lady like.

Fabric/Finish : Very high quality, finishing and tailoring are superb. Unusual colour combination in knitwear or in designer styles. 

Colours : Neutrals, Black or Navy
Mood : Unusual muted or washed shades.

Accessories : You choose simple , small to medium in size , nothing too extreme in terms of design and colour. Jewellery with high level of refinement and not plated gold or silver! 
Leathers or high level skin belt with gold or silver buckles. 

Hair / Makeup : Medium length, no fuss, nothing too exaggerated but still current. Colour is refine , natural and well done.

Famous celebrities with Classic Elegant style :
Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Audrey Hepburn

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