Visual Appearance

Visual Appearance

Visual Appearance is a way to convey the 3 elements of your Professional Style – Authority, Approachability or Individuality.

Match your Professional Style to Your Situation

Well, no one walks around with a sign on his or her forehead that says “Hello, I am a Lawyer” or “Hello, I help you build wealth!”
When people need to make decisions about you, whether it is to hire, promote you, or buy from you, they look for signs in your VISUAL APPEARANCE.

This is where the 3 elements of authority, approachability and individuality come in : when people see your formal business wear, they are reading a sign that says “I am in charge!”. But when they see you in casual wear, they are reading ” I am relaxed and I just wanna have fun”.

Hence matching your style to your profession or environment is important as it helps to reflect your personal brand values, nail any job promotion, ace that job interview and achieve career success!

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